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  • Typos Finder  51)   Typos Finder 1.4
    An add-in for Microsoft Excel that helps you polish off all typos in your Excel workbooks.

  • Multiple Seek Target  52)   Multiple Seek Target 1.0
    Multiple Seek Target is a Excel® add-in which will allow you to get the wished results in a range changing a specific cell (o range) automatically.

  • ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard  53)   ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard 2.0.5
    Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks or even more in thousands of files and you had to open each file manually to make changes? With ReplaceMagic that is very simple.

  • EldoS AutoSaveXL  54)   EldoS AutoSaveXL 2.0
    AutoSaveXL is an add-in for MS Excel that saves the files you are working with automatically on specified time intervals. AutoSaveXL doesn't ask questions and creates several backup copies (with optional compression and password protection).

  • Price Scanner  56)   Price Scanner 1.0d
    Program is made for search and processing of information in multiple prices. Searching can be performed on several fields, i.e. to find minimum value, in compliance with different criteria (I.e, coincidence of first symbol or coincidence of word).

  • SIMAGIS  57)   SIMAGIS 1.3
    Smart spreadsheet for image processing and analysis. Supports images, vector graphics, Web-pages, XSL-FO documents, etc. Compatible with major imaging devices and popular Windows(TM) software. Extendable with custom Java modules.

  • Advanced Excel Repair  58)   Advanced Excel Repair 1.4
    Advanced Excel Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Excel xls and xlw files. It can scan the corrupt Excel files and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption.

  • Data Manager for Excel  59)   Data Manager for Excel 1.0
    Data Manager is an Excel add-in that allows you to convert worksheets into tables, conduct queries, and create forms. Using buttons that can be added to your forms, you can open forms, run macros, open hyperlinks, and send data to Microsoft Word.

  • Shift Scheduler for Excel  60)   Shift Scheduler for Excel 1
    Shift Scheduler is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that creates employee schedules, and tracks the number of hours that have been scheduled.

  • Schedule Crew Assignments for Your Employees  61)   Schedule Crew Assignments for Your Employees 3.0
    The CM-10-100 crew maker Excel spreadsheet allows you to assign 10 employees to 100 daily jobs and is ideal for businesses that need to create job-specific work crews that may vary in composition from day-to-day.

  • Create Floor Schedules for Your Employees  62)   Create Floor Schedules for Your Employees 2.3
    Create Random Real Estate Office Floor Schedules for 6 shifts and 50 Employees for up to a month with Excel. The spreadsheet creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar for handy reference.

  • Insta-Graph  63)   Insta-Graph 1.0
    Graph cell values automatically and instantly by selecting a range in Excel.

  • Excel List Compare  64)   Excel List Compare 1
    This useful Excel macro will compare rows in 2 lists of data based on 1 to 3 columns in each list. Creates a new spreadsheet with matched rows from original 2 lists merged together on the same row and unmatched rows highlighted on seperate rows.

  • TechSheet  65)   TechSheet 2.0
    TechSheet a technical spreadsheet that allows for calculations that incorporate units of measure with associated values in each cell. Numerical manipulations result in consistent units of measure and automated unit conversions.

  • Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel  66)   Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4
    The Nurse Dispatcher can be used by staffing agencies that provide nurses to work various shifts at several hospitals. It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to send people to work different shifts at different locations.

  • XL Navigator  67)   XL Navigator 1.1
    Add-in for navigating in Excel. It allows you to close, delete, move, rename workbooks, worksheets, names, links, etc. by one click.

  • Classic Menu for Excel 2007  68)   Classic Menu for Excel 2007 3.00
    Show Classic Menus and Toolbars on the Ribbon of Microsoft Excel 2007. Supports all languages that are supported by Microsoft Excel 2007.

  • Schedule Random Tasks for Your Volunteers  69)   Schedule Random Tasks for Your Volunteers 2.1
    The Rtasks Excel spreadsheet randomly schedules up to 100 people to up to 100 tasks. Multiple tasks are assigned to an individual if necessary to provide the number of people requires for each task. It is an ideal tool for use in managing volunteers.

  • Schedule Random Shifts for Your Volunteers  70)   Schedule Random Shifts for Your Volunteers 2.1
    The Rand-25 spreadsheet randomly schedules 25 people to 3 shifts per day for 52 weeks in response to the number of shifts that each person has pledged to work. It is an ideal tool for use in managing volunteers.

  • Legal Business Express 2005  Deluxe  71)   Legal Business Express 2005 Deluxe 2.0
    Over 10,000 sample contracts and forms. Create essential documents by simply filling in some blanks and printing them out. 1,001 free business & sales letters included with purchase -- a $39.99 value. Fast and accurate internal search to find forms.

  • Advanced Excel Find & Replace  72)   Advanced Excel Find & Replace 2.1
    Microsoft Excel add-in that much extends Excel's build-in Find. It allows you to search through all opened workbooks as well as to replace found items.

  • Worksheet Search  73)   Worksheet Search 2.0.1
    Worksheet search and activation add-in for Microsoft Excel. Worksheet search integrates into the Excel toolbar and adds fast worksheet search using sheet name or a wildcard.

  • Query Manager for Excel  75)   Query Manager for Excel 1.1
    Query Manager is a powerful reporting solution for corporate and small business users of Microsoft Excel. The task of extracting subsets of data, comparing lists, or summarizing information is simplified with the Query Manager software.

  • Tools for Excel Tables  76)   Tools for Excel Tables 4.0.4
    Essential tools for data analysis and tables management for novice and advanced Excel's users. A set of tools that will strengthen your Microsoft Excel to manage data bases and huge tables in your spreadsheets.

  • WebTable  77)   WebTable 1.9
    WebTable extracts tables from a web page file. The resulting tables can be imported into a spreadsheet or database program. WebTable helps automate the transfer by translating a web page file into a set of tab delimited files that be imported

  • Schedule Daily Calls and Tasks for 20 Doctors  78)   Schedule Daily Calls and Tasks for 20 Doctors 1.5
    Schedule 4 daily calls and 50 daily tasks to 20 doctors for one year. The spreadsheet creates various schedules and a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar for handy reference.

  • Google Cash System  80)   Google Cash System 2.5.02
    The Google Cash System is a new method of making money online. It involves basic data entry work, so anyone can do it. I have only been doing it for about 1 week now, but so far, the money has been great.

  • Duplicate Preventer  81)   Duplicate Preventer 2.0.2
    MS Excel add-in that helps to prevent entering duplicate data while working in Excel. Duplicate Preventer integrates into MS Excel by placing its toolbar into the Excel toolbar area.

  • Exchange Rates for Excel  82)   Exchange Rates for Excel 2.6.2
    Exchange Rates for Excel is a practical tool in which you can automatically update currency exchange rates into your Excel spreadsheets - via Internet. No more manual and tedious updates. No more risk of using outdated data.

  • eXcel Change Case  83)   eXcel Change Case 3.0
    Excel Change Case Addin Change Case for Excel , Lowercase to Uppercase in Excel , Uppercase to Lowercase in Excel , Sentence Case in Excel , excel change case add-in , Change Case for Excel like Word

  • PDAGraphiX2  84)   PDAGraphiX2 2.0
    The Best Pocket Excel Graphic Tool. Don't be frustrated because you can't graph on your Pocket Excel. PDAGraphiX2 makes it possible. It's a powerful, flexible and dynamic graphic tool, which easily allows making amazing graphics. (Pocket PC Software)

  • Excel Server 2005 Standard Edition  85)   Excel Server 2005 Standard Edition v3.9.1
    Excel Server 2005 (Standard Edition) is an integral information platform built on Excel, MS SQL Server, and Windows OS. It is an easy tool of MS Excel networked and EAI.

  • Model Builder for Excel  86)   Model Builder for Excel 3.1.4
    Model Builder for Microsoft Excel: Build, Audit and Manage small or big spreadsheets models easier and faster.

  • xlPrecision  87)   xlPrecision 2.0
    xlPrecision is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that provides vastly more precise results from mathematical formulas, allows you to use vastly larger & smaller numbers, eliminates binary conversion errors, plus offers data control & analysis features.

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